Two Guys With Three Kids
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Around School

All three children had great years at school!


Marc actually enjoyed going to school for a change, and he won an award for Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies.  He enjoyed going on trips with his class to the Statue of Liberty and Bear Mountain Park and growing hydroponic plants with his teacher.


Marc (light blue shirt, 2nd from left) performing with his class at Literacy Night.


Here is Karen pointing to her artwork on display at the Art Show.  She improved in her reading, and was selected as Student of the Month.


Millie outside our home on the morning of Kindergarten graduation.  She went from not knowing any letters or numbers to knowing the aplphabet, numbers 1-25, and reading some sight words and doing simple addition.  She won the Most Improved Student Award!



Karen singing in the spring concert.  She's in pink in the top row, 5th from the right...